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"Thank you so much for helping my family. You never gave up on my daughter and made this transition easier and more honest for all of us."
-Parent, New Jersey

"I didn't always like what you had to say. But, I knew I needed to listen and change. You have been great mentors for me. I have learned a great deal from you and respect you tremendously. Thanks for caring so much and being honest with me."
-Client, Illinois

"Thanks for your dedication to my family. We needed you to get through this family situation. Thanks for preparing us and helping us commit to change."
-Parent, Florida

"Your intervention made me start to look at my loose ends: the dishonesty, the addictions, the loneliness and sadness had tied together a life I could no longer control. With all the yelling and fighting in my family, I never thought things could possibly change. It has taken time but now it's very different. Thanks for all that you did for me and my family."
-Client, New York City

"It's now five years later and our son graduated with honors from a top university. He is being recruited because of his dissertation work and loves what he does. His days of drugs and running with that crowd are over. Thank you for having such an immense impact on his life."
-Parent, Vancouver, Canada

"A wise man once said, "Nothing can match the strength of those whose lives have been forged by challenging and overcoming hardships." This quote now rings true in my life. There are many hardships yet to come and now I am able to say that I know I can overcome them. Thank you for helping start this new path and believing that I could get where I am today."
-Client, California

"The person who was intervened on has withered and died; and a vigorous, proud young man has grown in his place. Today, I bring eagerness to the challenges, joys, and sorrows that lie ahead. Now I am blessed with the vision that I once lacked."
-Client, Ohio

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